• Jurisdictional Domestic LCR ( Least Cost Routing )
  • Standard LCR ( Least Cost Routing )
  • Standards Based SIP Redirect Routing
  • Trunk Group Tag Support
  • Margin Threshold Profit Protection Routing
  • LRN and Local Number Portability Support
  • ISUP-OLI Routing Support
  • Route 18 Digits Deep
  • Route Calls on Best Rate or Best Digit Match
  • Handles Large Data Sets Elegantly
    • Tested with over 50 million rates
    • 6 and 7 digit deep routing domestic deck
    • Using over 20 carriers
  • Elastic Distributed Processing Network
  • Redundant and Distributed Data
  • Drag and Drop Routing
  • Modern Clean Interface

RouteNGN: Fast Flexible Simple

General Telecom’s RouteNGN will solve your routing needs whether you need to terminate international, jurisdictional domestic, or other specialized traffic