The digital era has led to the inception of a digitally interactive human system due to the easy spread and flow of information. The internet has affected how human beings behave, learn, talk and interact generally with computers.

 There are main advantages that the internet has brought about. One of these being that of making the world evolve into a compact global village where there is human interaction at every level. It has had its host of benefits towards the general living and development of human capital. However, it also comes with its fair share of evils; the most popular one of these is pornography. 

Though being a multi-billion-dollar industry, pornography has been blamed for a lot of ills especially within children. With parents not being really in control of how their children surf and use the internet especially in the guise of online learning.

 There have been growing calls for web developers to come up with the most viable ways to curb the wayward spread of pornographic material online. This has been necessitated by the development of web applications for the purposes of restricting people from accessing porn sites. This article therefore intends to give a clear run down of some of the most popular porn site block apps for computers in detail.

FamiSafe Porn Blocker                                                                                                                               

This application is one the most popular one due to its compatibility with different devices and machines as well as its “easy to use” interface which has made one the most recommended porn blocker app.

FamiSafe provides a specialised porn website filtering section that gives a thorough run through of porn related material via a quick scan of entered links on browsers. Though there are weaknesses with the filter system with some regarding it as not being as efficient as expected, FamiSafe also has a unique provision which has greatly contributed to its overall efficiency.

 It has what is termed an Advanced Explicit Text Detection System, which picks up dubious words that are porn related leading to a blockage.

FamiSafe can also be used as a porn detection application especially in cell phone galleries and this is most beneficial specially to parents who would want to monitor their children’s phones. It has a provision that can cause the easy tracking porn images cell phone galleries and sends system alerts to the parent or guardian’s email.

For Caleb a 56-year-old retied soldier from Texas who cannot always be running after his 14-year-old male twins to check out their browsing history or even to have a run through of their cell phones, an application like FamiSafe is most viable for his parental duties. Since it gets the job done for him in as far as restricting the inflow of pornographic material in his beloved boys’ lives.

 It will be good for him to employ the use of such an application to prevent his children from the surge of pornographic material especially in teenagers.

There however needs to be a clarification as to whether it can be used in someone’s phone without them knowing and that if its use on someone is not a violation of their privacy.