Pornography prevention from children

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Pornography has become a problem worldwide. According to statistics, every year, over 3 million victims under 18 years old experience some form of sexual abuse, ranging from viewing explicit images to forced sex. There are various ways to deal with the issue. Parents should talk to their kids about pornography. They should also teach them to control their impulses and to practice safe sex. here are some of the ways to prevent children from watching pornography:

Talk to

children pornography prevention

your child and pornography.

It is best if you talk to him or her when they have the urge to watch pornography. For example, say “I know that other people do this, but I want you to understand why it’s wrong for you.” You can teach them how to properly use porn sites in case they find these kinds of sites accidentally on the internet.

Be aware of yourself.

If you notice that your child is constantly looking at online pornography, then you might need to monitor his/her computer usage by installing an ad blocker. This will allow you to block any pornographic websites that pop up on your child’s screen.

Use parental controls.

There are many programs designed to help parents control what their kids see on the internet. The most common one is Internet Explorer’s Parental Controls which allows parents to set time limits for their kids’ access to the web as well as restrict specific web pages such as social media sites like Facebook. Another option is Kidzooka, which allows parents to lock down computers using passwords and PIN codes.

Set rules.

Some parents choose to set strict rules to avoid letting their children watch adult content. You can create a list of appropriate websites that your kid can visit instead of allowing him or her to freely browse through the internet. In addition, you should also create a password so that only certain friends can view your child’s personal information.

Teach responsibility.

Children who grow up watching pornography tend to be more likely to cheat on their partners. Therefore, the best way to protect against cheating is to make sure that your children don’t look up any inappropriate websites and that you’re always present to supervise their activities.

Do not allow pornography to come into your home.

This includes all forms of it. Do not let your child borrow your phone unless he or she gets permission first. Also, keep all devices that contain pornography out of your house completely.

Have fun together.

You could play games, read books, or spend quality time together without having to worry whether your child is looking at something bad.

Talk to your doctor.

Discussing issues related to sexuality with your healthcare provider will ensure that there is no medical reason behind your child’s behavior. Your physician may recommend counseling, prescription drugs, or even hormone therapy.

Consult a priest or pastor.

If you feel like talking with someone who has experienced similar problems, consider meeting with a clergy member. He or she will guide how to discuss your concerns.

Keep your eyes open.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to prevent your child from looking at pornography is to be vigilant toward his or her actions. Make sure that you know where your child goes to school, work, and hang out. You should also keep an eye on his or her cell phone, laptop, and tablet.

 Check your credit card statements regularly.

Your credit card company may send you an alert if your account details have been used in connection with a website containing pornography.

Consider getting help.

If none of these methods seem to work, talk to your doctor about seeking professional help. Many people find counseling helpful when addressing issues related to sexual abuse.

Protect yourself from harm.

If you find out that your partner has been viewing porn online, you might want to take action. Not only do these sites offer advice on how to get away with viewing pornography anonymously, but some also offer paid subscription services that allow members to post pictures of themselves engaging in illegal activity.


While it is impossible to stop your child from accessing porn, you can legally take steps to limit his or her access to it. For example, you can install an ad blocker on your device and use a password to secure your router.